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Pre Engineered Building is the right Choice for Your Warehouse

Warehouses and sheds are perhaps the backbone in any industry. They serve a variety of purposes. Whether it is storing raw materials until completion or manufactured goods until dispatch, warehouses function as the intermediary between manufacture and sale. Storage spaces need to be conducive in order to cater to different and specific storage needs. Warehousing is a process in itself, for several factors need to be considered, from temperature regulation to transit modes. In the difficult supply chain process, having a warehouse without any issues is indeed a boon to industrial manufacturers. We take care of your storage needs better than you might expect and ease the burden off your hands. Having a PEB warehouse is beneficial in a lot of ways. It just might be the best bridging factor in your industry

We understand warehousing needs better than anyone. We at Mahadev Building Systems offer exemplary PEB services to a variety of construction needs. Majorly concerned on getting warehouse, godowns, and logistics in structural steel buildings, we are your ideal choice. You will find us, one of the best warehouse shed manufactures and warehouse steel/metal building construction companies in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada & Chennai. We are dedicated to bringing novel PEB solutions through our engineering steel structure design and components. Also, succeeded in delivering PEB solutions in major states like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana, Tamil Nadu & Kerala

Pre Engineered Buildings that match your Warehouse Need

Our PEB Applications

Warehouse  – Build your warehouse better than anything else with steel

Warehousing needs specific requirements crafted for its purposes. Prefabricated construction materials cater to these distinct needs with effective and efficient focus. Functionality is the key factor in designing warehouses. Optimal use of area, regulated modes of working and accessible non-cluttered spaces are defining variables in warehouse design. Our customized pre-engineered building solutions offer a wide array of functional godown facilities such as dry warehouses, cold warehouses and for logistics and cold storage purposes.  Prefabricated warehouses can be set up quite quickly and are easily expandable. We truly understand specific storage needs and our design components are crafted especially to cater to a wide range of warehousing requirements. Look no further, for we are your ideal warehouse manufacturers!

Godowns- We are Presenting to you a shed for every purpose

Godowns are perfect for any kind of storage of mostly raw materials. With proper godown spaces, there is huge impact on manufacturing components which may determine the industry’s profits. It is necessary to have a well-functioning godown or shed space as part of the industry’s warehousing needs. PEB steel structures make excellent godown spaces as they can be customized as per requirement.

Industrial sheds are redefining how we think storage spaces because they provide accurate and easy solutions for different storage needs. Godowns usually require wide spaces with ventilation and moisture control, and steel prefab warehouses can construct such specific ones. We at Mahadev can provide you with sheds designed for each and every purpose the way you need it.

Logistics- Supply chain has never been easier- Our PEB solutions for logistics

We understand how important it is to have a well-functioning supply chain. It makes all the difference when the industry’s logistics outlet functions flawlessly without any problems. PEBs provide the perfect warehousing steel structures for your logistics requirements, making the manufacturing and marketing process as easy as possible.

For a logistics warehouse, the challenges are plenty. It requires planning, detailed organization, movements and management- all working together seamlessly to deliver flawless results. In the process, several aspects can go wrong and even one issue may lead to a huge setback. PEBs are designed specifically to make sure the complex process is easy and safe by breaking down the various managerial aspects into proper functions.

Dry Warehouse- We provide only the best warehouse facilities in the industry for you

A number of industries use dry warehousing facilities as part of their supply chain. They provide the proper environment for certain consumables as well as other products which makes them appropriate for use. Several industries even use dry storage facilities to mitigate high duties until re-export or through sales profits. Thus for a multitude of purposes, dry warehouses are pretty great options.

The apparel industry, for example, requires conducive atmosphere to maintain fresh clothing, hence the sector is heavily dependent on dry warehouses. Several such industries require weather regulated spaces as they yield the best results for their products. Dry warehousing is an art, and we are committed to providing the best solutions for you.

Cold Storage- Find no more temperature issues with our pre-engineered buildings

Temperature control is important in cold warehouses. Since they require a more controlled environment, cold warehouses are much more complex than dry warehouses. Refrigerated storage spaces have an increased need in the food products industry owing to their role in storing perishables. PEBs help regulate temperature control making them optimal sources for cold storage warehousing

Cold storage is a boon to food processing industries, where perishable items need to be kept fresh. With the proper cold storage design, you can rest assured your products stay fresh longer. This  is ultimately useful in driving productivity and ensuring the maximum benefit until demand and supply needs are met.

It Tells Why PEB is the ideal choice for Your Warehouse


First and foremost, steel structures are great at regulating temperature, which means any optimal storage need can be met. Whether the commodities require lower temperature, or moisture reduction, steel warehouses have got that covered. And secondly, having a pre-engineered warehousing facility lets the customer optimize and customize the way the warehouse has to be built. This means optimal usage of space, specific requirements in storage and proper accessibility. All these features make PEBs lucrative and enticing options when it comes to considering ideal and proper storage spaces. As warehousing is one of the key components in industrial supply chain, it is important to ensure proper storage facilities so as to not hamper the industrial process.

  • Adequate Use of Space – PEBs ensure storage space is properly used and crafted for optimal benefit.
  • Temperature Control – One of the most important functions, steel structures can set and modify a properly regulated temperature.
  • Easy Accessibility –  With heavy materials being stored and cared for, it is important to have easy access. PEBs provide that.
  • Customizable – Based on your storage requirements, PEBs can be customized to suit your industry the best.
  • Quick and Affordable – A PEB warehouse can be built quickly allowing for your supply chain to thrive. They are also extremely affordable options.

We are dedicated to deliver you the best warehouse


When it comes to storage, we certainly know best. We are dedicated to ensuring the perfect and most optimal warehouse space for your industry’s needs. In doing so, we guarantee the most hassle-free supply chain experience.


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