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Mezzanine flooring is an effective way to make good use of any free vertical space available in the warehouse. Warehouses typically have very limited usable floor space, due to much of the area often being taken up by your storage solutions, such as racking and shelving. Mezzanine floor can give you twice the flexibility without the need to move or extend. Whether you wish to expand an existing storage space or add storage to a production or warehouse facility, a mezzanine floor enables you to maximize the usable area within your premises. Together with intelligently designed racking or storage systems, a mezzanine level can add significant storage volume at a fraction of the cost of moving to a larger premises.

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Benefits And Uses Of A Mezzanine

The majority of mezzanines occur in existing warehouse-style buildings. It provides building owners with additional floor space at a low square foot cost. Because a mezzanine built inside an existing building it does not need exterior walls or a roof since those things already exist. An engineered structural steel mezzanine is ideal for heavy-duty settings. Some common applications of mezzanines include second-story offices, storage decks, work platforms, and storage decks.

Improved and Expanded Storage Space


The installation of mezzanine flooring in a warehouse can give you the extra storage space you need to cope with your current level of business, while also offering you the chance to expand. When planned and built by experts, mezzanines can increase the available space you have without impacting on the ongoing operations below.

Increase the value of your Warehouse

It doesn’t matter if you rent your warehouse from someone or own it yourself. When you add a mezzanine floor to it, you can add real value to the property. This is great if you ever come to consider putting it on the market to sell or are looking to rent it out to someone else. A warehouse with this additional usable space will be a big hit with buyers now and in the future.

No need to Move Premises

As companies become more successful, many consider the prospect of moving to a new location – particularly in the manufacturing, logistics and warehousing sectors. That can obviously be very expensive, can cause upheaval, and can disturb business operations. With the installation of mezzanine flooring, however, you can remain in the same building, while continuing to expand and meet the growing demand of your customers and clients.

Full Maximise Operational Efficiency

Having a mezzanine floor installed in your warehouse means you can use more of the space you own or rent. This means you will essentially be increasing the business value of a property, by keeping the cost the same but increasing capacity and storage. In the long term, this can also help avoid the need to move to a bigger property, or even consider opening an additional property.

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