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Pre Engineered Building for your Industrial Needs

Industrial steel buildings are proving to be immensely useful for business owners and entrepreneurs lately. Prefabricated steel buildings are changing the game of industrial settings by introducing customized and standardized design engineering to specific needs and requirements. The conventional building can no longer cater to diverse aspects demanded by the industrial sector which made to switch for PEB Structural Steel Building which does it. This switch builds immense demand and competition for major Industrial Steel Building Construction Companies. The reason for the demand in Industrial steel building construction is affordable, time-saving and more importantly, offer better customized spaces for different industries. These components make prefabricated steel buildings a lucrative and much-needed option while considering manufacture.

We believe in constant commitment and strive to achieve the best results at Mahadev Building Systems. Our expertise spans over decades and we are dedicated to engineering steel structure design and components innovatively. We truly know PEB and expertise in delivered 500+ projects. With 10+ years of experience, our contribution for Industrial Steel Buildings is enormous and our major works are done in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana, Tamil Nadu & Kerala. Our excellent services and complete dedication in designing and manufacturing high-quality materials for Steel Structural Buildings, we gained a great reputation in PEB Industries and start recognizing as a leading Industrial Steel Building & Industrial Shed manufacturers in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada & Chennai.

Pre Engineered Buildings that match your Industrial Needs

Our PEB Applications

Industrial Manufacturing Plant  – Structural Steel Solutions for your Industrial requirements

There are several industrial buildings or industrial manufacturing plant that can benefit from shifting to the steel lifestyle. Industrial metal building construction can be applied to a wide range of industrial requirements, and they are designed to suit each specific requisite of every industrial building. Solutions to industries are as varied as the sector itself. Steel structure construction ensures profound attention to such details, especially in considering variety. Some of the applications in which prefabricated buildings can be used for industrial building purposes include not only different components of a single industry, such as manufacturing building and storage structure, but are prolific in catering to heavy industrial structures.

Warehouse/Godowns/Logistics- Strengthen your Industrial Warehouse with Our reliable PEB Solutions

Warehousing, storage and supply chain spaces are important components in any industry. Their functions are abundant and their requirements just as different. For storage purposes, warehouses are essential. Godown spaces need to be temperature regulated, have proper insulation and make the best use of available area to ensure optimal usage. For logistics purposes, a smoothly functioning supply chain is pivotal. Pre-Engineered Buildings help in ease of functioning of all these aspects. They provide hassle-free spaces so your important industrial buildings can be perfect in the rest of the process.

Power Plants- Construct Power Plants through Our Steel Structural Buildings

Power generation is an integral part of our country. The importance of power plants cannot be lauded enough, and the amount of effort it takes in establishing a power plant is incomprehensible. This is why you need PEB, because with prefabricated steel structures, your power plant will get a whole new different outlook. Not only that, pre-engineered steel construction can inspire and span a wide range of opportunities for power plants. Energy transformation is now sustainable, which is what we are striving for. Through our prefabricated steel manufacturing, you can be truly energy efficient and imbibe the values of sustainable development while still turning profits. Champion the cause of sustainability with us.

Steel Plants- What’s better for Steel Plants rather than Steel Building?

Steel is the driving force of our industrial economy. The way we look at conventional construction is changing and we are the frontrunners for the future. The manufacturing of steel paves the way for generations ahead to achieve industrial stability. For steel industries, prefabricated steel structures are the best choice to enhance and optimize performance. Their cost-cutting value allows for better industrial outcomes, which is the ultimate aim any industry may aim for. Steel structures are made for steel industries, and they allow you to set a unique brand for your venture. Consider prefabricated engineering and uphold the glory of steel.

Cement Plants- Let us give you a harmonious union build with Structural Steel

Cement manufacturing is an art. The components that go into construction are often undervalued. But when they start to form structures, their beauty is elicited. Steel and cement go hand-in-hand as they always have. So what’s better for a cement manufacturing plant than to indulge in prefabricated steel structures? Together is always better. With our excellent steel manufacturing construction, we guarantee a prosperous union. Stand for steel, stand for prefabricated and set an example for unrivalled construction by turning your cement manufacturing plant into a solid prefabricated steel building. Cement industry bodes better with steel, and your industry will work better with us.

Oil Refineries/ Petrochemicals- Structural Steel Buildings best for Oil Refineries

Temperature regulation is a very important factor in oil refineries and petrochemical industries. Conventional asphalt buildings may not offer the same benefits that steel buildings do. The environment can be controlled and easily managed with prefabricated steel construction. With increasing fuel demand, it is also important to ensure sustainability in manufacture and consumption. Prefab steel structures are better for the environment because they are energy efficient and regulate industrial output waste effectively. Be a champion for the cause of sustainable development by opting for a cleaner alternative. For your fuel industry, prefab steel is the best and ideal option.

Granite Industry- PEB Solutions ideal choice for Granite Industry

Granite has grand architectural value that cannot be debated. From modern sculptures to smooth floors, granite dominates the world with its enchanting texture.  Our country is in fact one of the largest producers and exporters of granite in the world. It is one of the most lucrative and upcoming industries and several entrepreneurs have and continue to capitalize on its versatile function. To process the mineral, it is essential to have an industrial set-up that understands its specifications and caters extensively in ensuring smooth functioning. This is where PEBs are effective. Your granite industry can truly flourish and expand with an excellent prefabricated steel structure.

Here is the reason to Say ‘Yes’ for PEB – Industrial Buildings


Industrial buildings need functional components to ensure their smooth working. There are several requirements for industrial buildings and they vary depending on the type of sector. Some buildings need more insulation while others require larger spaces. Whatever the requirement may be, prefabricated steel buildings are perfect for industrial settings. They can be designed and modified in several variants which make them ideal for any type of industry. Moreover, they are not as expensive, and cut down costs on the longer run with their durability. For any and every industry, PEBs work wonders. They are also manufactured and assembled pretty fast, so time saving helps your business to focus on other essential aspects.

  • Meet Your Requirement – Industrial requirements are delivered better with PEBs.
  • Industrial Solutions – Factors like quality control, accessibility and temperature regulation are all made easy with PEBs.
  • Affordable Option – PEBs are budget-friendly so your industry has a fighting chance to invest less and gain more.
  • Efficient and Sustainable – Sustainable development goals can be achieved with PEB as they are energy-efficient.
  • Hassle-Free Process – PEBs offer value for time with their easy management and fast delivery.

We deliver PEB Solutions that match your Requirements


We understand the industrial setting owing to our expertise in the field. We pay attention to minute details that may escape others and seem inconsequential, but on the longer run, are essential. Our industrial delivery is unparalleled.

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