Pre Engineered Buildings​

Pre-Engineered Buildings for your ease, durable and crafted for excellence

Pre-engineered buildings are changing the way construction is being viewed. In PEB, design and manufacture of steel structures is done off-site while the finished product is assembled and delivered on-site. This process are quiet effective and ideal choice for any prefabricated structural steel buildings, as it extremely has huge advantages that result in getting Industrial Manufacturing Plant, Warehouses, Multi-Storied Buildings & other applications in flexible designs, low cost, & highly durable. It is an affordable, effective and efficient solution to infrastructure, and saves precious time. PEBs work as better alternatives to conventional structures. The steel revolution is redefining the way construction is viewed, and PEBs are at the pinnacle of novel construction.

At Mahadev Building Systems, we are a dedicated Industrial PEB Shed Manufacturers in India, excellent in engineering steel structure design and components innovatively. We understand the importance of investing in PEB companies for structural steel buildings, and as leading prefabricated structural steel building manufacturers in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada & Chennai, our efforts translate into reality.

We are the face of steel revolution in India, and our commitment to prefabricated building manufacturing is unrivaled and our major PEB works are done in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana, Tamil Nadu & Kerala. Learn all about why PEB is the best option for you from the industry’s best.

Advantages of
Pre Engineered Buildings​
Reduction in project cost
Cost savings primarily result from time savings on the Project. This also results in the earlier realization of revenue to the owner on a commercial project
Saving in construction time
About 30-50% time-saving in total project schedule due to fast delivery and quick site erection.
Low Maintenance
High-quality paint systems are available for steel and cladding to be provided along with maintenance-free service life
Large clear spans
Buildings can be supplied in clear spans up to 60 meters, particularly suitable for aircraft hangers, sports facilities, etc.
Flexibility in expansion
Buildings can be designed for future expansion in length, width, and height.
Peb vs Conventional
Buildings are supplied with roof and wall insulation to reduce energy costs and improve comfort level inside the building
Superior quality
Complete manufacturing is done in our plant as per ISO quality assurance standards

Pre Engineered Buildings that match your Construction Needs

Our PEB Applications

Industrial Buildings – Structural Steel Solutions for your Industrial requirements

For industrial buildings, a wide array of specific requirements has to be met. Prefabricated buildings offer the best and wholesome solutions in construction of industries mainly because they are standardized and easily accessible. With demand rising, PEBs are your safest bet in ensuring smooth and quick construction of industrial buildings. Their advantages in terms of quality assurance, safety regards and industrial-setting customization are plenty. As a plus, prefabricated building materials cut construction time, letting your industries function as quickly as possible.

Warehouse – Your storage demands a Warehouse, we Craft & Deliver it in PEB

Warehousing is a different ballgame in construction. Storage spaces require different inputs to understand the way they work. They need to be designed and structured to ensure maximum efficiency. Prefabricated steel structures provide multiple warehousing options that utilize storage space effectively, providing you the best and most productive area for all your storage needs.

For storage, your optimal requirements are key. Depending on the materials and commodities, warehouses offer a wide range of productive modes of construction. Utilizing area and obtaining the best structure is the goal of a well-designed PEB.

Agro Industries- Make your green revolution with our Steel Revolution

Prefabricated buildings have a lot to offer to agriculture-based industries. With the growing popularity of steel fabricated structures, their advantages to agro-industrial ventures are plenty. With tremendous cost-cutting measures and perfect design to optimize, PEB is the driving force you need in agro-industries.

PEBs offer conducive spaces for agro industries in a way that lets them operate better. Manufacturing agricultural commodities can be enhanced by opting for Prefabricated industrial construction. Well-made PEB structures can add to effectiveness of production.

Food Industries- We do PEB for every need of Food Industries

The perishable goods industry requires keen insight. PEBs help contribute to such diversity by focusing on minute aspects of industrial requirements. As an alternative to conventional construction, PEBs ensure your food manufacturing needs are perfectly met, whether it is quality spaces or the right atmosphere.

With the right design, you needn’t worry about quality control and with the right temperature, you are sure to achieve sustainability by making sure storage and preservation isn’t a problem. From temperature regulation to accessible components, PEB has you sorted.

Ceramic Industries- The best steel for your ceramics

PEBs are ideal choices in ceramic industries due to their very versatile functions. They offer best regulated temperature, so high-end ceramic work can be undertaken with no issues. Furthermore, properly engineered PEB enhance the working conditions for ceramic factories. For manufacturing beautiful ceramic ware, there is no better way than to begin with your very own prefabricated industry.

Quality production begins with a high standard foundation. PEBs can provide the foundational basis to ensure maximum benefit for the industry.

Commercial Buildings- Commercial Buildings in PEB are Highly-Durable, We Build for You

For a whole range of commercial uses, steel structures are redefining the way we think architecture. Prefabricated buildings are incredibly versatile, and with exquisite design can turn into modest, charming, and highly functional spaces. For any building to be used on a commercial scale, steel metal buildings are much more efficient in terms of cutting down costs and building time. Pre-engineered buildings can be better monitored and regulated through design which ensures smooth working, and profound aesthetic value. There are several commercial buildings which can be constructed better with prefabricated steel.

Multi-storied Buildings- Get your high-rise Building strengthen with our PEB Solutions

High-rise buildings require extensive care and effort. To be aesthetically pleasing and structurally strong, design and manufacture matters. Steel is revolutionizing the way we view multi-storied structures. They are compatible with weather conditions, affordable and provide uniquely beautiful options.

Our excellently designed and manufactured structural steel buildings will make you shift to a PEB lifestyle. For skyscrapers, PEBs are extremely functional and practical, adding both feasibility and uniqueness.

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Prefabricated Buildings are extremely versatile. They provide productive and conducive environments in the workspace, with easily manageable and adaptable models. Right from design to manufacturing components and assembly, PEB make the construction process free of hassles. Their varied application makes them suitable for a whole range of construction needs. Steel structures are redefining the way we look at construction. Shifting to the steel lifestyle is easy, affordable, and provides great comfort.

  • Flexible Design – Offer diversity of design catering to specific construction needs
  • Reduce Time Consumption – Cut construction time with speedy manufacture instantly.
  • Enhances Efficiency – Switching over to steel is effective and energy efficient.
  • Cost Effective – Affordable solutions to building infrastructure, and budget friendly.
  • Highly Durable – Prefabricated steel structures are durable and require less maintenance.
  • Varied Options – Customized options that are ideal for different requirements.

We are your ideal PEB partners


We are constantly innovating, and take pride in our commitment. Our expertise speaks for itself and we can be integral partners for your ventures. Be part of the steel revolution with us.

  • Innovation – We are constantly innovating and coming up with new ideas. We excel at providing novel design and engineering of prefabricated buildings.
  • Consistent Commitment – We takes pride in our ability to provide quality work. We are committed to on-time delivery with the highest possible standards.
  • Expertly Skilled – Our quality of work and attention to detail makes us one of the industry’s bests. We understand and care about our clients’ requirements and dedicatedly work towards achieving them.
  • Ideal Partners – We believe in fostering good relations and helping you in all your construction needs.
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