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There is no one size fits all, and the beauty of building is that each structure is unique and stands on its own accord. While small scale fabrication may be easier to design and implement the manufacture and assembly of large steel components is a whole new different ballgame. It entails different and advanced expertise, and capabilities of a venture which truly understands the concept. It is for this reason that several construction companies do not take up heavy steel work fabrication, owing to the complexity of construction. However, handling heavy steel work fabrication does not necessarily translate to a job well done. Heavy components do not bode well without the support of smaller components, and those areas may be neglected. Therefore, it is important to have a proper plan that focuses on all these aspects without leaving out any, to generate the best possible outcome.

It is through this aim that we at Mahadev Building Systems have taken upon to provide you PEB Turnkey solutions that remain unmatched. As a heavy steel construction company, we are dedicated to bringing you novel and innovative plans that are bound to enhance and uplift your construction goals. We believe in the steel revolution and are focused on changing the face of the construction industry.

With our heavy steel fabrication works we have been reputed as one of the leading heavy steel structural fabrication companies in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada & Chennai. We expand substantially in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana, Tamil Nadu & Kerala. Also provide our heavy steel fabrication services to Pan India.

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Our Applications

Heavy Steel Fabrication – We make it Simple for Heavy Steel Structural Fabrications.


Heavy steel fabrication is just as heavy as it sounds, but can be made simple. It only requires detailed planning and organized effort. From design to manufacture and finally assembly, there are complicated steps to achieving the desired outcome, especially considering the grand scale in which heavy steel work fabrication is undertaken. With Pre-Engineered solutions, Heavy steel work fabrication requires an expert company with intensive knowledge and expertise. Since the structural components are huge and need extensive design and engineering, we understand the process better than anybody else. That is why our solutions are designed in ensuring a hassle-free and time-bound experience.

Steel Tanks – Whatever be the capacity, PEB is the way to go

The sheer magnanimity of steel tanks is bound to leave anybody wondering at its profound construction. But we know the secret to making it easy. For industrial purposes, the main focus on steel tanks is their strength and durability. Without adhering to perfect and optimal standards, steel tanks will not be as functional as they have to. In addition to ensuring high functionality, prefabricated steel works wonders in design and assembly of tanks.

Steel Ducts – Passageways for intense function, our effective PEB solution


Ducts are pivotal in industrial buildings, as the passageways ensure air ventilation and temperature regulation. In any industrial setting, there are ducts placed precisely to ensure optimal air passage, which is immensely useful to keep the atmosphere and environment of the factory well regulated. For steel ducts, the design and placement matters more because it must be modified to fit the building concisely and effectively.

Steel Girders – Our Prefabricated steel support system for complex structures


Simply put, steel girders are horizontal supporting beams that function as foundations for heavy steel structures. Girders come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are extremely versatile. Their functionalities make them extremely useful in hanging structures such as bridges and roofs. Steel girders are complex in their design but are efficient in ensuring structural foundation.

Prefabricated heavy steel work is a popular option for using girders, as such large structural components require innovative and complex knowledge. Girders need to have high load bearing capacities to withstand heavily loaded components. Since their main aim is to support existing steel structures, they are also expected to be flexible to work with the rigid quality of their supporting structure. Our Turnkey solutions in prefabricated steel girders are guaranteed to take into account specific aspects of support beams and enable the best outcome from both the functional as well as architectural sense.

Find here the Usefulness of Heavy Steel Structure Fabrications


For large scale industrial demands, it is important to get an outlay of the land. While industrial construction can be solved through PEB quite efficiently, heavy steel work requires more effort and importantly, more insight. Heavy steel work is instrumental in industrial requirements, and is increasingly contributing to infrastructural development too. PEB is aimed at highlighting ease of business by using tried and tested methods to drive focus on other important aspects of construction. With a penchant for developing new and novel strategies, our Turnkey solutions are optimized and designed in such a way that they cater to every single aspect of heavy steel work construction. Steel fabrication is perfect in considering heavy steel work, and can revolutionize the way we view construction. Heavy steel work, with our PEB and Turnkey solutions is guaranteed to be easy and accessible.

  • Industrial Grade Solution – Prefabricated steel is best suited for heavy steel work in industrial settings as it caters to specific industrial needs.
  • Immense Durability – For all heavy steel work, prefab steel offers long-lasting durability that works like a charm.
  • Affordable Option – Prefabricated steel structures provide the most affordable options for heavy steel works.
  • Made To Fit – Components like steel ducts and girders which require modern engineering can be modified to fit into spaces as necessary.
  • Easy Assembly – With time being of utmost value, turnkey solutions for PEB provide quick and easy assembly.

You have requirements. Here’s why we can deliver them

Our Turnkey solutions for heavy steel work fabrication are highly innovative and functional, letting us focus on detailed components. We bring a different and unique perspective to construction, and know that our highly efficient design and engineering is bound to fit effortlessly into all your heavy steel work needs.

  • Exemplary Expertise – We have burgeoning knowledge in segregated components of heavy steel structures. Our expertise spans over decades.
  • Minute Detailing – We pay attention to minute details that go into heavy steel work components.
  • Flexible and Innovative Design – For all heavy steel structure fabrication, our design elements take into account specific requirements and work towards fulfilling them.
  • Economically Feasible – Our heavy steel structure fabrication is aimed at low-cost economical availability. Steel is the face of construction, and we are constantly striving to make it accessible.
  • High standard Durability – We set the benchmark for delivery highly durable products that enhance and highlight heavy steel fabrication.
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